Uganda’s ONLY full-time youth football academy?

Yes, the Gulu United Youth Academy is first of it’s kind in the entire country!

When we started here in Gulu earlier this year, we were certain that we were the only full-time youth academy in northern Uganda. We’ve since discovered, that we stand alone in all of Uganda.

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And, it’s been incredible to take a quick look back at what we’ve accomplished (with your support) in just six short weeks, including . . . Continue reading

‘Soccer For All’ in Toronto

On Friday, March 27, 2015, we celebrate the world’s game, where Toronto area student-athletes can learn from the best and make a global impact.

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Our friends at Crescent School are hosting ‘Soccer for All‘ — a great day with guest speakers, interactive football sessions, and a 4v4 tournament to cap it off! This event is for all Toronto-area youth soccer players and students, who want to come together to improve their game, support education, opportunity and communities in rural east Africa.

And, all event proceeds will support our very own Gulu United FC Youth Academy, and The Olive Branch for Children in Tanzania.

CLICK HERE to register and find out more!

The youth academy on the field, and on the air

On Monday, the Gulu United FC Youth Academy hit the field for the first time!


Forty-nine of Gulu District’s top footballers, aged 8 to 18, are now training and studying together full-time. More photos and videos are coming soon, and you can follow THIS LINK to see the boys in action.

Also on Monday, Academy Director Adrian Bradbury joined James Sharman and John Molinaro on the SOCCER CENTRAL PODCAST. Listen in as they talk Gulu United, the new youth academy and life in northern Uganda.

On the Pitch, “Use Your Words”

We all heard it from our parents or a teacher growing up – “use you words!” That phrase was usually hurled our way when we took matters into our hands with a punch, kick or the occasional bite. You know, when you needed to send a message.


The same should be shouted at more youth football coaches than we’d like to admit. Instead of yelling, cursing and even pushing (yes, I’ve seen it), youth coaches should be “using their words.”

CLICK HERE to read the entire post from Gulu United Youth Academy Director, Adrian Bradbury.

First Team open trials this weekend!

Professional footballers (who are unattached) wanted!

On Saturday, February 7 & Sunday, February 8 the Gulu United Football Club is hosting open trials for the 1st Team, with the players selected earning a full-time paid professional contract.

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Both trial days will take place at St. Joseph’s College Layibi, with registration staring at 8am and the open trial hitting the field at 10am.

Bring your boots and see you on the pitch!

Getting settled at school

Last week we welcomed 20 of our first 50 northern Ugandan footy standouts into the Gulu United FC Youth Academy. This first group, that ranged from 8 to 15 years of age, enrolled at our primary school partner, Bright Valley, and you’ll get to know them by name in the weeks and months to come!


We’ll have all of our youth enrolled this week and will start training full-time on Monday, February 9th. CLICK HERE for a some photos from day one.

The Parents Meeting: Playing Time vs. Testing Positive?

Parents meetings, ugh! Am I right?

We’ve all been there, “My son doesn’t like futsal. He likes turf.” or “What do you mean I can’t leave my car idling by the sideline while I wait for training to end?” Sure, not all parents meetings are like that, but I did get a lesson this week that, in northern Uganda, parents meetings are NEVER like that.


Visit FOUR-FOUR-GULU for the full story.